Ahmedabad surgeon Utilizes robots in coronary surgery first time outside US — Canindia News

Ahmedabad, Jan 4 (IANS) Ahmedabad-based, internationally-reputed cardiologist Tejas Patel on Thursday said he’s introduced here vascular robotic technologies for the very first time anywhere outside the US to perform coronary angioplasty and stenting.

Patel told reporters here that the newest technologies, which he’d implemented 57 patients within a month, would make India a frontrunner in today’s health care system with almost zero failure rate in angioplasty and stenting.

He also introduced the technology at the Apex Heart Institute here, which makes the state of the art cardiology center a “global center of excellence” out the usa. Patel reported the very first robot was set up at the institute on December 7 and at less than a month he and his team had completed 57 surgeries with the robotics technology.

“The Apex Heart Institute, Ahmedabad, is the first institute in the world outside the US to possess the robotics technologies for angioplasty and stenting,” he claimed.

In the USA too, the technology has been available only at eight centres and has been introduced only about one year ago. “India is ahead of any other country, for instance, European nations to present this,” he said.

He said though robotics technologies for some other areas of the body came many decades past, it took longer to the scientists to perfect the technique for heart since it was the only “moving” portion within the human anatomy.

According to Patel, the newest technologies can reach “near cent per cent success rate and almost zero per cent failure rate” that was the greatest objective of the medical system besides maintaining both the physicians, nurses and other hospital staff away from the radiation effect.

He said the robotics system may secure nearly five to 10 times more precision than the manual method and would help the country reach the ultimate aim of super speciality health facilities to distant villages because robotics system will soon have the ability to perform such surgeries from distance.

Patel said that cost-wise the newest technologies would be approximately Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh more expensive than the standard manual machine, but added that the higher costs would be acceptable given its success rate.

He stated his hospital would decide the extra cost under the newest technology based on the fiscal condition of the patients. “Being new, the technology has been to be approved by medical insurance companies but within a time period it’d be approved since it had been accepted by the US businesses,” the cardiologist said.

Patel, who was likewise the very first cardiologist from the country to present the “Transradial Access Technique” (throughout the thoracic) to get angioplasty some 25 decades ago and had so far trained over 5,000 cardiologists from the country, said he and his team would similarly provide training to young interventionl cardiologists from India and overseas at the Robotic-assisted procedure.