NYPD surgeon busted in dollar Healthcare scheme


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Medical researcher found dead

NEW YORK — a researcher’s body was discovered afternoon. Monday, historical reports suggest he might have died from an overdose, police sources said.

Dr. Miguel Crespo, 40, held a doctorate degree also was referred to as “polite” by a neighbor. But on Sunday, Crespo was found by workers in an eighth-floor men’s toilet at Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Before 2 p.m., authorities were called to the hospital to find Crespo unconscious and unresponsive, based on CBS New York.

Officers reported that no drugs had been found close to the body, but they did discover aluminum foil and a possible snorting apparatus, according to sources cited by the New York Post. The city medical examiner will determine the official cause of death.

Crespo got his bachelor’s degree at Complutense University of Madrid, the New York Daily News reports, mentioning his hospital bio along with LinkedIn profile.

The Daily News reports:

He joined Weill Cornell Medical College in 2011, where he worked in a stem cell lab doing colon cancer research.

As well as his work as a researcher, Crespo did photography and graphic design work.

“During my life, I have relentlessly strived to catch the beauty in things I constantly felt the planet has yet to discover: windows, shadows, reflections, the magical from the velvety light which jobs on our eyes,” he composed his photo design site. “I have been impressed by the compassion, the emotion, and the meaning somebody’s appearance can communicate and inspire.”

Reporters spoke to one of Crespo’s neighbors, Xoey Lee, who expressed shock about his death, saying he had not appeared sick in death, if she saw him.

“He is always polite,” Lee explained. “He always says, ‘Hi. ”’

A spokesperson for Weill Cornell, Sarah Smith, released the following statement: “Weill Cornell Medicine is saddened by the death of the colleague Miguel Crespo, Ph.D.. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family members and friends.”

Medical researcher found dead in Weill Cornell might have overdosed https://t.co/Xxs0gm34pd

— webgonewild (@webgonewild) November 27, 2017

Medical writer fоund lifeless from Weill Cоrnell bathrооm https://t.co/Nt7SLmcqZapic.twitter.com/ENSujb80TD

— NEWSPAPER POST (@newspaperpostt) November 27, 2017

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Jwala Gutta Plastic Surgery Before After Skin Care Medical Treatment

Right through this post we will discuss about the Jwala Gutta surgery story line. However, before that we’d highlight that who is Jwala Gutta. ( Jwala Gutta Plastic Surgery Before After Skin Care Medical Treatment) Jwala Gutta is renowned called being the left handed Indian international badminton player. This player has been honored with the award of this National Badminton Championships nearly fourteen days. At the same she has been coming up as in representing India on top of the circuit for nearly 15 years’ events. She obtained the best fame in the time when she had been at the list of the top-twenty at the BWF World Ranking at the year 2015.

Jwala Gutta Underwent with Cosmetic Surgery Treatment:

           Some of the inside sources have developed the storyline that participant Jwala Gutta has secretly underwent with the plastic surgery. It had been unveil out that she has done the breast implants in order to give the look to her body shape. However, the participant has herself rejected the stories and call it to be the baseless rumor tales.

Rumor of Jwaal Gutta Cheek Implants Plastic Surgery:

       At the same shortly after denying the breast augmentation surgery story, it had been being emphasized that this participant was also involved in performing the eyebrow implants onto her face. If you’d compare pictures and her past you will see that her smile has gone much attractive as compare to before. Her skin has frequently become tight and young looking.

How Jwala Gutta Express her Cosmetic Dentistry Rumor Story?

               About her plastic surgery rumor stories, the participant Jwala Gutta has proven no such surprising expressions because according to her this is the component of profession that you constantly get attack by the media with their rumored stories. She even added her statement that she can never think since she loves face alot and her attractiveness about performing the plastic surgery. On the whole we can only say that no one until now knows the facts behind the story that if Jwala Gutta has done the surgery or not. So it is a rumor! To catch more stories about the actors who have plastic surgery dont neglect to signed in to this page!

Milford Hospital hosts Wellness screenings


Milford Hospital hosts wellness screenings

  • Milford Hospital will offer blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol screenings on from 4 to 6:15 p.m. Monday at the hospital, 300 Seaside Ave. Photo: Cathy Zuraw / Cathy Zuraw / Connecticut Post

Photo: Cathy Zuraw / Cathy Zuraw




Image of all

Milford Hospital will offer blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol screenings on from 4 to 6:15 p.m. Monday in the hospital, 300 Seaside Ave.

Milford Hospital will offer blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol screenings on from 4 to 6:15 p.m. Monday in the hospital, 300 Seaside Ave.

Photo: Cathy Zuraw / Cathy Zuraw

Milford Hospital hosts wellness screenings


MILFORD — Milford Hospital will offer blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol screenings on from 4 to 6:15 p.m. Monday in the hospital, 300 Seaside Ave. Blood pressure and blood glucose testing is going to be offered at no cost. There’s a $15 fee for cholesterol testing. All these are non-fasting, finger prick screening tests. Counselling and outcomes will be available shortly. Appointments are needed. To find out more or to schedule an appointment, please call the Milford Hospital Community Education Department in 203-876-4004.

Health Apps Raise Medical Concerns: Pros

The vast majority of them are jobless, increasing concerns for both physicians and people from the legal community, although more than 165,000 health-related apps are available to obtain on telephones that are smart.

Health apps run the gamut from health to fertility, mental wellbeing to diabetes. Consumers frequently input their intimate information based on a professor in IIT-Chicago Kent College of Law, Lori Andrews.

“These are miniature surveillance apparatus,” stated Andrews. “(Our telephones) are on us at all times.”

Andrews analyzed a sample of the best 400 health apps and says she found holes in data privacy. For one, Andrews stated that an overwhelming majority of these apps didn’t have privacy policies.

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“We discovered over 70 percent shared that amorous health information with data aggregators, a number of those who supplied that information to life insurers and health insurance companies,” Andrews explained.

What is debatable, Andrews explained, is app developers aren’t breaking the rules. Those very same regulations do not apply to a vast majority of app developers while medical institutions and physicians are bounded by HIPAA laws to safeguard information and data privacy.

“The consumer might find the impression that she is simply monitoring her own health. She may not realize there are real downsides to that information being shared with third parties such as life insurers who might then deny her insurance since she is not maintaining her diabetes in check or she has had a lot of miscarriages or things which may indicate a larger health issue,” Andrews explained.

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According to a July 2016 Consumer Reports study, findings discovered the popular Glow Pregnancy App had security flaws that “would be easy for stalkers, online bullies or identity thieves to use the information they gathered on Glow’s users.” The report stated updated the app and Glow worked fast to correct the vulnerabilities.

Based on physicians and Andrews, a key concern of health apps is that a lot are not backed by science. A minority of health care apps consult with a doctor or health care provider in growth, based on Dr. Sherif Badawy, a hematologist and oncologist in Lurie Children’s Hospital.

Such as one instance where inconsistencies were discovered in apps that purported to help with conversion calculations, he emphasized some risks, in the published report on medical smartphone apps of Badawy.

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“That can be harmful and lethal,” explained Badawy. “No one is supervising it so a patient can download a program, open it, but maybe that information is wrong.”

The Food and Drug Administration regulates mobile apps that serve as a medical device, an app that pops up to a EKG center monitor, by way of instance.

“The FDA targets on its regulatory oversight on only a tiny subset of mobile applications that may impact the operation or operation of currently controlled medical devices and may pose a threat to patients in case they don’t function as intended,” said an FDA spokeswoman within an email.

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In recent decades, the Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on apps for advertisements.

In 2015, the FTC settled with a single app developer whose “Mole Detective” household of apps instructed users to have a photograph of their own moles, then purported to ascertain the consumers’ risk of melanoma. The complaint settled and agreed to stop making promises concerning the app’s capacity to detect melanoma without having evidence to back those claims up.  

“You simply have to know what you’re getting yourself into and comprehend the risk and benefits which many of these companies don’t describe,” explained Badawy.

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