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Achieve Service Excellence in
Highly Regulated Industries

You might confront a high-value aim: drive agency productivity and usage, enhance client satisfaction, and expand sophistication and the breadth of service offerings.  

But customer-centric service is not always easy to attain.   The regulatory environment in this business demands that certain protocols are followed, and, occasionally, conflicts with all the field workforce’s desire to “get stuff   done for the client.” We show you the way to handle.

Because of the improvements in medicine, average life expectancy has increased appreciably. Years of study have lead to the development of drugs, implants, antibiotics and surgical procedures and as a result, individuals with health restrictions or constraints are now able to live better and longer. You and your organization have made a significant contribution. Together with your specialised field service organizations, responsibility that is great is born by you. At exactly the exact same time you will need to run your business. In Coresystems, we’ve got the solutions and the essential job expertise to give maximum service for your service workforce that is cellular — both service technicians and sales personnel.

“With Coresystems’ mobile stage, our work is now able to access all the information that they need at the click of a button, inputting sales quotes, including sales orders and placing service calls while on the go,” states Mark Fleming, Coresystems client and Managing Director at Fleming Medical.

In addition, it has a positive impact on customer retention, even though our mobile field service solution provides many benefits for your employees.

“From the long run, thanks to the support of Coresystems, it will also take less time to get new workers to become successful, which is also hugely important for its expansion and success of the business enterprise,”  states Peter Liniger, Coresystems client and Manager Strategic Account Management in DePuy Synthes.

Having you can save yourself time and money whilst easing cooperation. And on top of that, you can secure a competitive advantage.

From Operational Focus to Customer Service Concentrate


“The regulatory environment demands that certain protocols are followed, and, sometimes, this conflicted with the field service team’s desire to “get work done to the client.”

Aly Pinder Jr., Senior Research Analyst, Service Management; Aberdeen Group

Perfect field service minutes are core minutes.
Make it a core second.

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