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Mumbai: Forensic surgeons at Nair hospital won’t work Outside 7 hours

Forensic dept doctors said the new attendance rules hinder their work, Nair Hospital
Forensic dept physicians said the new presence rules hinder their work, Nair Hospital

The biometric presence program, introduced at the town’s civic associations, has seemingly pushed the emergency service staff to the verge. Forensic surgeons at Nair hospital have once again dashed off a letter to the dean saying they will henceforth not be functioning beyond the stipulated seven hours. They had sent a similar letter in July last year, soon after biometric presence was released.

Highly-placed sources attached to Nair hospital explained, on Saturday afternoon, the forensic physicians left the hospital after duty hours and refused to come back when advised regarding two bodies which had arrived for autopsy. One was of an 80-year-old guy, who was hit by an unknown vehicle at Kemps Corner on Friday night, along with the other of a girl who had perished in Nair’s casualty ward.

They told the hospital authorities which they had completed their stipulated work (four weeks) on Saturday and that they had already advised the dean of the decision in writing on March 16.

It was just about 2pm when the dean, Dr Ramesh Bharmal, called up the department head Shailesh Mohite, and promised him that the issue would be discussed with Medical Director Dr Avinash Supe, a resident doctor and assistant professor were shipped to conduct the postmortem, together with Dr Mohite himself overseeing the project.

Department officials suggested that instruction at regular MBBS next year courses would get affected due to the, as no lectures could be run during duty hours.   Efforts made to contact Dr Bharmal did not yield any result, however, Dr Mohite confirmed the occasions.

Why are physicians sulking?
Speaking on condition of anonymity, a forensic physician at the hospital explained, “We are already short-staffed. Unlike KEM or Cooper institutions, our forensic division has only five physicians, including a professor, associate professor and lecturers. Three articles are still empty, of which that was chosen refused to select the offer after studying the operating hours. On any particular day, these physicians have to accept obligations, wait courts for trial in medico legal cases and conduct proper examination of victims from child abuse or sexual assault cases. This calls for more duty hours than the stipulated seven,” he explained.

“We asked the admin to eliminate the practice, as each doctor is expected to put in just 39 hours (7 hours per day for 5 days, and 4 hours on Saturdays) a week, instead of the approximate 73 hours per week being put ahead of the biometric program was released. Doctors worked 24-hour spinning changes, including on Sundays,” the doctor added.

He stated, “Our requirement is that we should be compensated or entitled for compensatory leave, for working the extra hours, and that the government is unwilling to acknowledge or discuss, actually after writing official letters. Since there is no response from them, we’re presuming they have accepted our request.”

The forensic surgeon confessed the rules were causing hardship to individuals. Postmortem centers are expected to hand over a body within two hours of receiving them. Today, families of the deceased will unnecessarily have to wait much longer to find the bodies. “The civic government should understand this as opposed to put pressure on the existing handful of team members,” he explained.

Medical Travel & Health Tourism Blog I myMEDholiday

For anyone who thinks medical marijuana is simply about receiving health abroad, let this be your epiphany: imply that it is really about receiving health as you’re at sea!

At least in the event of a part of health tourism, it is.

We’re referring to wellness cruises, which can be “medical vacations” in the truest sense only because they blend the health-promoting remedies that you would expect from a traditional health spa, together with the inspiring ocean views, doting hospitality, and amazing cuisines of a picnic.

It’s the best of both worlds in which you’re partake of integrated like hydrotherapy, Swedish massage, and yoga, and then retire into the relaxing and typically luxurious amenities your cruise boat provides.

And just like the vast array of health & wellness on property, the same holds true for what you will find at sea: plenty of choices to suit whatever kind of holistic healing you are after.

In fact, you will find aisles with titles such as “Holistic Holiday at Sea” which provides you an idea that they genuinely aim for a trip that allows you to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit.   It’s a 7-day sojourn that requires one to St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and Bahamas, and provides activities that include a range of unique styles, live blood analysis, Pilates, and more.

The foods are vegan, non-dairy, and also, when possible, organic; the cooking classes delve into all sorts of natural-food cuisines; and the addresses from various wellness-health pros share everything from stem cell treatments to sound therapy to mindfulness meditation.

The latter would be something you’ll also discover on the “Zen Cruise,” a different way to unite personal transformation using calming sea breezes.   Celebrating mindfulness, getting world-class yoga education, and enjoying self-help spirituality, holistic healing, and sunrise gong meditation are some of the things you may expect on the trip from Miami to Mexico.

Additional wellness-themed cruises include ones such as Feng Shui-inspired spas, tai chi, and yoga; full size yoga voyages which highlight not only the physical benefits, but the recovery capability and doctrine of the centuries old discipline; and fitness-oriented excursions offering Zumba dance, ecstatic dance, running, sailing, along with cycling.

You should notice that the Caribbean isn’t the sole domain for health and wellness on water.   Wellness cruises are setting sail around the world: over the Danube from Budapest to Prague, in crystal clear Southeast Asian seas, and obviously all over the beautiful Mediterranean.

So while your typical luxury lining probably provides numerous ways that you rejuvenate — such as comprehensive physical fitness facilities, instructor-led classes, running trails, hot tubs, whirlpools, along with healthful food — for a real health-promoting vacation experience, consider your choices overseas.

5 Things That the Future Holds for Surgery Medical Centers

As our understanding of the human body continuous to grow, so does the number of techniques we have to treat and repair. New surgical techniques are always being formulated and processed to increase the odds of long-term healing for patients. Here are five techniques which will revolutionize the manner operative medical centers work.

1. Image-Guided Radiation

Surgery to remove cancer has long been among the greatest techniques for preventing the increase of cancer. The issue is that surgeons can seldom remove every cancerous cell, which in turn can permit a little tumor to reunite as a bigger one.

2. Telesurgery

The top surgeons are amazingly tricky to discover. Some patients traveling thousands of miles merely to locate the most trained hands.

3. Antibiotics Rather than Surgery

Surgeons tend to be confronted with the removal of the appendix. This surgery, while it’s been turned into a routine day process, still takes an adequate amount of effort and time which might be better used on more pressing surgical procedures.

4. 3D Printed Organs

Each individual has organs which are slightly different than another man’s organs. Knowing these subtle differences could vastly improve the success rates of some operations.

5. Immunotherapy

Small-cell cancers such as mesothelioma are notoriously tricky to treat. Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and other traditional treatments still have extremely low success rates.

The Future of Surgical Techniques

Medical centers and ambulatory surgery centers such as Nueterra will soon be able to give their patients using vastly improved healing rates, better long-term healing ratesand less invasive surgical procedures and the need for significantly less tissue to be eliminated with the techniques listed above.

More techniques are about the way that will improve the therapies that surgery medical centers can supply for patients. New technology, a better understanding of how new medicines operate in synergy with surgical techniques and non-surgical alternatives paired with surgery will result in these improvements.

Get Weight-loss surgery done by Top surgeon at Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Dr. Milan Doshi is one of these. Dr. Milan Doshi is an experience and exceptionally qualified surgeon. Dr. Doshi is a member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Association of Plastic Surgery of India (APSI), Indian Association Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (IAAPS), Indian Medical Association (IMA), Association of Medical Consultants Mumbai (AMC).

Dr. Doshi is also acting as a consultant in Seven Hills Hospital at Andheri East, BSES MG Hospital in Andheri West. He has attended many conferences and workshop all over the world. His addresses are inspiration for all. Mr. Doshi is great presenter with the extra quality of excellent listening abilities. He has given many inspiring speeches about cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Doshi has a great understanding about the needs of the patients. Patients ooze out confidence under his guidance.

The lip reduction process UAE is carried out by infusing local anesthesia in an outpatient basis. Throughout the process treatment, the plastic surgeon makes a horizontal incision around the inside of the lip gloss. The surgeon then removes excess fat and tissue in the lip prior to closing the incision. The lip reduction process can be done on the upper and lower lip to enhance the individual’s appearance and equilibrium facial features. Following the surgery you might feel discomfort, swelling, swelling, and inflammation from the treatment area; these side effects generally dissipate in a few days of operation. The physician will Supply you medicine for the swelling and alleviate pain.     In the days following surgery, patients should take pain medicine and use ice bags into the lips to limit swelling and pain. In many cases, dissolvable sutures are used, so stitches do not need to be eliminated in a later date. Patients can usually return to work in a week of operation. Nominees for lip loss operation at UAE include patients that have naturally massive lips. It’s also performed on patients who are not happy with the results of a permanent lip augmentation procedure done in the past. To qualify for the operation, patients should maintain good health, and not smoke cigarettes for a month before and after surgery. With just a tiny bit of precaution you will be able to maintain your life as well as your health.

RealSelf Patient Reviews of Milan Doshi, MBBS, MCh

Medical Nutrition Therapy in Bariatric Surgery — Dietitians Association of Australia

Medical Nutrition Therapy in Bariatric Surgery

The DAA Centre for Advanced Learning (CAL) and Obesity Surgery Society of Australia & New Zealand (OSSANZ) have partnered to create a Professional Certification in Medical Nutrition Therapy in Bariatric Surgery.

The 3-day short course   features both introductory and advanced modules and aims to teach and upskill participants at the Fundamentals and complexities of medical nutrition therapy for the surgical patient.     The modular format enables flexibility for participants that have differing learning needs. Participants might take a single module or two modules.

The introductory module provides an updated perspective of gastric operation in Australia and increases comprehension  of the  complexities of direction of their bariatric surgery receiver.

The innovative module provides participants with knowledge and experience of evidence based practice in bariatric operation, with a particular focus on nutrition evaluation and instruction, medical nutrition therapy, managing long-term and complications outcomes.

To be able to attain the appropriate certification, participants need to complete course work and assessments, as well as attending the full schedule for the module.

Suitable for

  • Dietitians
  • Most members of the multidisciplinary team
  • GPs and other medical officers using a unique interest in bariatric operation
  • Module 1 is open to all members of the multidisciplinary team
  • Module 2   is especially for dietitians with relevant experience

This course will enable you to

  • explain common surgical and medical procedures and procedures for weight management in Australia;
  • identify surgical and medical therapies available for complicated weight management and attributes of people suitable for referral for clinical evaluation;
  • identify the role of the integrated health care staff in simplifying patient care.
  • Recognize and clarify the use of medical nutrition therapy for several stages of the bariatric surgery patient such as preoperative nutrition management, post-operative nutrition management, micro and macro nutrient targets and deficiencies, complications and weight regain.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the way to accommodate medical nutrition therapy unique to each bariatric surgery process.


There are two  independent, progressive modules each building from the complexity of the previous. Participants may attend  one module or both modules.

Focusing on the outside environment, this module offers an introduction to surgical and medical procedures, procedures, and therapies available for complicated weight management; and highlights the roles of the integrated health care staff that work together to optimise the individual encounter.

This module is suitable for:

  • Student dietitians or health professionals
  • Dietitians with no previous or limited bariatric surgery experience
  • GPs, medical officers, and other health professionals with an interest in continuing surgery

CPD Recognition

CPD hours can be logged in the event this course aligns with your APD Learning Goals.

Delegates attending this course will get a Certificate of Attendance.

Course Outline

  • Therapy and treatment for obesity
  • Bariatric surgical procedures, medical considerations, and drug
  • The integrated health care staff
  • The individual encounter
  • Nutritional direction of the bariatric patient

Course Format

  • 1 day face to face course (lectures and workshops).


Upcoming courses

Venue: TBA
BRISBANE Qld 4000 Australia

To enroll

This module offers knowledge and experience in evidence based practice in continuing operation, with a concentration on nutrition evaluation and instruction, medical nutrition therapy, managing long-term and complications outcomes.

This module is suitable for:

  • Dietitians with 2-3 years’ experience in dietetic management of bariatric surgery in the last five decades.

CPD Recognition

CPD hours can be logged in the event this course aligns with your APD Learning Goals.

Dietitians attending this course will be given a Professional Certification from DAA.

Course Outline

  • Pre- and post-operative nourishment management
  • Macro- and – micro-nutrient concerns and direction
  • Certain issues to Think about for Adjustable Gastric Band, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Roux-en Y Gastric Bypass, along with Omega Loop Gastric Bypass
  • Nutritional maintenance and management of critical illness, and for special populations
  • Nutrition counselling

Course Format

  • 2 day face to face course (lectures and workshops).


Upcoming courses

Thursday, 22 — Friday, 23 February 2018 — SOLD OUT

Venue: Holiday Inn Sydney Airport
Cnr Bourke Rd & O’Riordan St
MASCOT NSW 2020 Australia

To enroll

This course includes SOLD OUT.

Registrations shut 6 February 2018 or if sold out.

The next delivery of the course is tentatively set for November 2018 at Brisbane.

About the Facilitators

Daniella Di Benedetto has turned into a clinical dietitian for 13 decades, and along with private consultancy, is now Senior Dietitian at a leading Bariatric Clinic at Melbourne.   Daniella is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and is the secretary of this Bariatric Surgery Interest Group.     She’s actively involved with the group organising of Bariatric special webinars.

Daniella has introduced at the 2007 Bariatric Conference at Canberra, and to the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, in Addition to writing articles for magazines such as Women’s Health and Fitness.   She has also been an essential part of the weight loss journey of a player on shows like “This time a year ago”.

Daniella is also an academic with spent 16 years back in nutrition, physiology and body and has been the recipient of this 2015 Swinburne University Deans Award for Sessional Teaching and Learning.   Daniella puts a high regard for ongoing up-skilling and continuing professional development in Best Practice Guidelines, and general clinical practice, so as to remain a breast of newest developments in Bariatric treatments.

Daniella, as part of her commitment to supporting the ideal patient care in her work with Bariatrics, has been a key member of the group who’ve acquired the Professional Certificate in Medical Nutritional Treatment in Bariatric Surgery.

Catherine Snedeker is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Diabetes Educator with over 10 years experience in the Region of Bariatric Surgery. Catherine has worked with a wide array of regular surgery patients at the outpatient and inpatient clinical surroundings out of Gastric Ballooning to Biliopancreatic Diversion. The majority of her experience is in providing nourishment support, counselling and group instruction to Sleeve Gastrectomy patients.

Catherine has led to attaining high quality dietetic clinic in bariatrics at Australia.     She played a pivotal role in the Organization of this DAA Bariatric Surgery Interest Group at 2011. She has helped up-skill Australian Bariatric Dietitians throughout her participation as an author to domestic and Worldwide publications like the Bariatric Surgery PEN Pathway along with Bariatric Dietitians Role Statement. Catherine has also been a regular presenter at Obesity Surgery Society of Australia and New Zealand (OSSANZ) conventions and DAA Cosmetic Surgery PD events. Catherine is actively involved in clinical investigation with her vital regions of interest being at post-operative comorbidity resolution, post-surgery gastrointestinal capacity and fluid and food tolerance after Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Catherine now works with inpatients at Hollywood Private Hospital in Western Australia. She also offers consultation on Bariatric Surgery instruction and training for health professionals. She’s a member of this DAA Bariatric Surgery Interest Group Committee along with also the Bariatric Dietitians Working Group of WA.

Belinda Johnston is currently a Senior Clinical Dietitian in  The Austin Hospital in Melbourne. Belinda has extensive expertise in the dietary management of patients experiencing lower and upper gastrointestinal operation in both acute inpatient and outpatient setting. As part of her clinical distress, Belinda manages patients undergoing bariatric surgery. She’s involved with patients throughout their surgical trip, from their pre-operative nutrition evaluation and instruction, acute management from the Hospital setting, and also ongoing follow-up and inspection in the outpatient setting. Her inpatient experience includes the nutrient management of patients presenting with acute complications of bariatric surgery, and it is one of her particular regions of interest.

Belinda is also enthusiastic about teaching and broadening the nutrition instruction of budding dietitians and other health professionals, and using a huge quantity of experience in clinical supervision and instruction. Belinda has also turned into a Unit Advisor for an online device ‘Wound Healing and Nutrition’ for a Post-Graduate Course at Wound Care at Monash University for the last 6 Decades. She’s also frequently involved in marking nutrition assignments for pupils studying at Deakin University in Melbourne.

Belinda is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, an Associate Member of the Obesity Surgery Society of Australia and New Zealand and is currently an active member of this Bariatric Surgery Interest Group. Belinda is eager to be involved at the Medical Nutrition Therapy for Cosmetic Surgery module and looks forward to sharing her experience.

Merril has been functioning in the field of Bariatric surgery as part of her clinical dietetic work for at least 25 decades. She has extensive knowledge in the field of gastric groups, sleeve gastrectomy and RY gastric bypass. Merril has been the first Allied Health dietitian adviser on the Obesity Surgery Society of Australia and NZ (OSSANZ) Executive and has been instrumental in receiving the Bariatric Dietitians collectively and establishing both a clinical and networking program at the OSSANZ conventions.

Relevant Demo experience includes:

  • Convener and Presenter at the DAA Bariatric Roadshow 2009 (both Victoria and SA)
  • International federation of Obesity (IFSO)convention in 2010 (sponsored by OSSANZ) about Multidisciplinary Bariatric Practices Around the World — that the Australian Expertise
  • Baker/IDI convention on Bariatric Surgery in Diabetes at 2011
  • OSSANZ convention in 2012 on Could we improve weight loss after bariatric surgery? Does the theory translate into improved clinical care
  • Developed two Webinars for Education in Nutrition show Back to Basics, Allergic Nutrition and two. Cosmetic Dentistry: Nutritional Issues and Care at 2013 and upgraded and introduced again in 2017
  • DAA webinar on Micronutrient Deficiencies in Cosmetic Surgery at 2014

Merril now works in Private Practice for North Eastern Weight Loss Surgery.

She’s thrilled to have the opportunity to talk about her long and extensive knowledge in Bariatric Surgery as part of their joint DAA/OSSANZ program.

Ms Kylie Murphy is a health and clinical psychologist who has worked at hospital outpatient, public health, and college settings. She’s currently working in private practice where she utilizes evidence-based therapies to treat a range of eating, weight, and body image issues, along with other associated psychological issues like depression and anxiety. Her work also involves analyzing and supporting patients before and after bariatric surgery.

In addition to her medical work, Kylie also presents workshops and lectures to postgraduate psychology students and psychological health professionals. She has also presented and published research about the emotional aspects of disordered eating and obesity.

WWE legend Ric Flair recovering in hospital after ‘Effective’ Operation

Flair’s Administration had called on fans to Plead for the stricken star

Read More

Public Liability Insurance – Why You Need It

The possibility of somebody suing your company if they fall down, or if they are injured by something that you sell, is something that can happen every day. You never know what type of person is going to come into your place of business and make an accusation. It’s also possible that they may have fallen as a result of negligence on the part of people that may have left things out where they have tripped and fallen legitimately. Either way, you need to be covered in the only way to do this is to get public liability insurance that can protect your business.

what is employers liability insurance uk

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of this insurance can be quite expensive for larger companies, or it can be very reasonable if you just have a small store that you run on your own. The amount of coverage is the main factor that will determine how much it will be. By the end of the week, you should have a couple estimates back, providing you with enough feedback to make a good decision. The amount of money will be reflective of the type of coverage that you will receive, the deductible, and all of this will be explained by each of the insurance providers.

Do You Always Have To Have It?

This is insurance that is not necessary from a legal standpoint. You don’t need to have it. However, it is recommended that you do even though it is not compulsory. It’s just a good way to protect yourself in case there are problems that come along the way such as an unruly customer that is trying to take your business from you. To do that, they will have to sue you for everything that your business is worth, and if you don’t have this coverage, that can mean the loss of your livelihood. It’s important to have this coverage if you can afford it, and after it is in place, these are problems you won’t have to worry about ever again.

what is public liability insurance uk

People that have this insurance are always going to be more relaxed. If it’s affordable, and not cutting into their profits substantially, it’s one of the best insurance policies that you could ever pay for. When you are able to subvert the attempts of someone trying to sue you and take down your company, this is exactly why you need to have public liability insurance.

Najib and Anwar recuperating after surgery in hospital visit

Asia Pacific

Najib visits Anwar recuperating in hospital Following surgery

Najib Razak and his wife visited Anwar Ibrahim, who had been recuperating after operation, on Friday (Nov 17). (Photo: Facebook/ Najib Razak) 

KUALA LUMPUR: Najib Razak on Friday (Nov 17) visited resistance leader Anwar Ibrahim who had been recuperating at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital after undergoing operation.

“I seen  Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital now. He had undergone surgery. Hoping for his recovery,&rdquo.  

A picture accompanying the post showed Najib, his wife Rosmah Mansor together with Anwar and his wife Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.  

The defacto PKR leader underwent an arthroscopic operation last Sunday.

He had been hurt on Sep 22 after the  automobile hauling him in Kuala Lumpur Hospital to Sungai Buloh Prison was included in a road accident.

According to the Malay Mail Online, Anwar’s family thanked Najib and Rosmah to the “courtesy visit” and requested for Anwar to be Permitted to recuperate in a medical facility outside of prison.  

Anwar’s son Muhammad Ihsan Anwar in the announcement also requested for his dad to be provided full access to physiotheraphy until he makes a full recovery.  

Source: Bernama/CNA/ad


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