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‘He does not need surgery’ KNH Surgeon confirms Jowies medical condition

Jowies hearing is still ongoing and today, a surgeon from Kenyatta National Hospital gave the court full details on Jowie’s medical condition.

Jowi is in remand after being charged as a suspect in the murder of businesswoman  Monica Kimani’s death a few months ago.

Jowie suffered an injury on his left arm in September around the same time that the body of Monica Kimani was discovered at her apartment in Lamuria Gardens, Kilimani.

Jowie told police he sustained the injury after an attack right after dropping Jacque Maribe at her house.

Benjamin Wabwire, a surgeon at the Kenyatta National Hospital, told the court that he had ‘obvious weakness of the hand’.

He had a nerve injury affecting the hand ….our initial plan was to do an MRI…the report is that the nerves are intact…He suffered from “shock wave 

Dr. Wabwire said as reported by Citizen TV Kenya.

According to the doctor, the suspect does not need surgery but urgently requires physiotherapy to stimulate the affected nerves.

On the issue of granting Jowie bail, the Prosecution held it be argued before the trial judge.

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Jacque Maribe did not have access to her phone, car and house. But we can now report the court gave her access to her house only a few week after her release from remand. The court is still holding on to her cars and the phone for investigations purposes and that was clarified today as Jowie used the car on the night of the murder.

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UC Davis Health Surgeons Use 3D Printed Medical Model to Reconstruct Eye Socket

Head and neck surgeon Brad Strong holds a model produced by a 3D printer, which can be seen behind him.

3D printed medical models are improving the way UC Davis Health physicians are able to diagnose, treat, and educate patients, medical students, and themselves about health conditions, some of which may be quite rare and difficult to treat. The 3D printer UC Davis Health doctors are using is the desktop printer Ultimaker 3 Extended. It can produce 3D printed models not only of the skull, but other body parts too.

“Facial reconstructive surgery involves intricate anatomy within an extremely narrow operative field in which to maneuver our instruments,” said E. Bradley Strong, a professor of otolaryngology who specializes in facial reconstructive surgery. “Being able to print out a high-resolution 3D model of the injury, allows us to do detailed preoperative planning and preparation that is more efficient and accurate. We can also use these patient specific models in the operating room to improve the accuracy of implant placement.”

Strong and other medical professionals at UC Davis convert CT scans to 3D data, which may take up to a day to finish. The models can be crucial not only for educational purposes, but also for the amount of time they save in the operating room—a feature that insurance companies are becoming more aware of too.

“I couldn’t drive before my surgery with Dr. Strong,” said Joseph Michael, who regained normal vision in his right eye thanks to the involvement of an intricate 3D printed medical model. His resulting surgery lasted for seven and a half hours.

Mr. Michael was attacked in his home in 2013, and sustained injuries to his orbital socket after being hit in the face. In using a 3D model, Dr. Strong was able to mirror the left eye for re-building the right one, along with reconstructing the orbit and cheekbone too.

“Overall, my friends up here [in Grass Valley] and even my eye doctor can’t believe the difference,” said Michael. “Dr. Strong gave me my eyesight back.”

Other 3D models printed out by otolaryngology head and neck surgeon Brad Strong.

The use of 3D printed models offers not only an added method for diagnosing patients but is also an invaluable training tool. With patient specific models, doctors can better explain to patients and their families exactly what is happening within the body along with outlining in 3D what will happen in surgery.

Medical students can use the models to learn from, and seasoned surgeons can also use the models as guides to train on for delicate and sometimes completely new procedures, as well as using them in the operating room.

“With or without a 3D model, Mr. Michael’s surgical incisions would have been very similar,” Strong noted. “But the accuracy of pre-surgical planning and the precision of implant bending and placement were greatly improved. It saves time and enables me to be more efficient and make critical decisions before entering the operating room.”

3D printed skull after post-processing (still image from UC Davis video)

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has also been using 3D printed medical models to improve the quality of life for animals, working in connection with UC Davis Department of Biomedical Engineering.

“There is great value in working together because veterinary medicine is a bit more ‘nimble’ on the development and application side, but the patient needs are very similar,” said Denis Marcellin-Little, professor of small animal orthopedic surgery.

The Translating Engineering Advances to Medicine (TEAM) Lab has been responsible for 3D printing veterinary models, along with working with the UC Davis Department of Radiation Oncology in fabricating boluses, which are sheets of artificial skin meant to adhere to areas where radiation is being applied in patients.

“By enabling intricate anatomy to be translated from computerized data into life-like replicas that clinicians can actually hold, analyze and work with means that challenging medical puzzles will become that much easier to solve,” Lubarsky added.

Today there are many other types of 3D printed devices being used by medical professionals, from 3D printed models of the brain to kidneys and prostates to hearts. Find out more about the UC Davis Health 3D printing project here.

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[Source / Images: UC Davis Health]

Cosmetic Surgery Surgeons: How To Select A Good One – Health Womens

Cosmetic Surgery Surgeons: How To Select A Good One

Source: Flickr

Making the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery can be an overwhelming and life-changing decision. However, the question of choosing the right surgeon for the job can leave you equally perplexed. There is no dearth of cosmetic surgeons, but it is imperative that you chose a surgeon with loads of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. You may find an expert surgeon in your vicinity, or you might have to travel a few hundred miles in your quest for the best. But the initial botheration will surely yield fruitful results.

To expedite your search for an expert cosmeticsurgeon, it is crucial that you crosscheck their credentials prior to undergoing surgery. Check if they are certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or some other prominent cosmetic surgery board. You could crosscheck your state’s medical board to verify the surgeon’s credentials. Having narrowed down on one or two superlative surgeons it is time for an elaborate consultation.

The most common aspects that you may focus on during an initial consultation are as follows:-

– You may inquire about the cosmetic surgeon’s area of expertise.

– Ensure that the surgeon has performed a substantial number of cosmetic surgery procedures.

– Make sure that the surgeon wields the best technological equipment available.

– If price is a factor, check if the expenses incurred meet your budget.

– Ask the surgeon for pictures of his/her earlier patients, depicting both pre and post-surgery images.

Cosmetic surgery, like any other surgical procedure, involves risks and complications. The surgeon must not dismiss the risks of surgery, and should be willing to discuss any possible complication of cosmetic surgery.

– Most importantly, ensure that the surgeon will be actively involved in post-operative care.

– And finally, shun away any sales gimmicks or unrealistic bargains.

On the whole, an excellent result largely depends on the expertise of the cosmetic surgeon. Hence, choose a surgeon with discretion, since a successful cosmetic surgery could give you a huge boost.

Surgeon in the USA is drawing medical tourists by offering discounted surgery

Medical tourism is a multi billion dollar industry but its characteristics vary from one country to another. Some countries have transformed themselves into the top most medical tourism destinations and others are just supplying patients. Not so surprisingly, it is the developed countries that are losing out in the battle called medical tourism.

Developing countries like Costa Rica, Thailand, Singapore and India are way ahead of the competition as they offer surgical facilities for much less. However, a new trend is on the rise that may turn around the game a little. Americans are traveling within US for getting surgeries done at a discounted price.

Surgeon tries to bank on Medical Tourism

During his lifeguard days in the Myrtle Beach, James Spearman, noticed how residents of New York were coming down to Florence for getting their dentures at a lower price. The flat discount was what attracted them to the beach. After getting their tooth pulled out, they spent time in the beach and returned to New York refreshed. Despite weeklong holidays, the total expenditure did not amount to what denture costs in NYC.

This gave him a brilliant idea and he decided to offer similar discounts as an orthopedic surgeon. Patients who opt for domestic medical tourism can easily save money on flight tickets. A flight ticket to India will cost around $1500 and a surgery like knee or hip replacement will cost another $15,000. Domestic medical tourists can get the same surgery done for $20,000 and save money on flight ticket.

USA is the hotbed for outbound medical tourists

In 2014, an estimated 1.2 million American patients traveled abroad to developing countries for getting medical treatments. The medical tourism markets are growing and thriving. The government and private sectors are both investing in the betterment of medical infrastructure in developing countries for attracting more international patients.

Though finding information about exact turn over and profit of medical tourism industry is a bit difficult still the estimated worth of this industry is near about $55 billion. Finding information about the domestic medical tourism is even more difficult. But this trend is catching up with its more popular counterpart.

To profit from this growing trend, Jack Spearman set up a website named Travel Surgery USA. He has found that the doctors are not yet ready to share surgical costs with the patients and the patients cannot completely rely on vague information. Off shore hospitals not only offer complete information about prices but also lucrative discounts.

To beat the competition, Spearman started using the website to show the exact prices of surgical prices so that the patients can compare prices and count costs. Unfortunately, he has not been much successful in attracting patients from NYC or other urban locales. If people recognize the advantage of getting medical procedures done near at home Spearman and others like him may be able to have a more thriving practice.


Domestic medical tourism is kicking up in US and people have started to understand the benefits of getting surgeries done near their home. With proper marketing and awareness initiatives this part of medical tourism can rally prosper.

Letterkenny hospital surgeon claims health service is failing patients

A Donegal-based surgeon has hit out after problems in the under pressure health service resulted in his operations being cancelled.

Dr Peter O’Rourke, who is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Letterkenny University Hospital, has spoken out in the past to deliver hard-hitting, blunt assessments of conditions at the county’s largest hospital.

In his latest warning, Dr O’Rourke has claimed the Government “doesn’t give a damn” about people living in chronic pain and prioritises cancer patients.

He last year similarly warned: “If you have cancer, your surgery will get prioritised. It’s unlikely that you will be cancelled.

“If you don’t have cancer, you are very far down the pecking order.”


Dr O’Rourke – who has 130 patients waiting for hip operations – has now repeated those warnings, according to the Irish Daily Mail’s news website.

It quotes him: “I have elderly patients suffering and there’s nothing I can do about it. There are no beds for them.

“I operated yesterday on a patient who’s been waiting two years for their hip operation.

“If you don’t have cancer, then the health service isn’t really interested in you.”

The HSE has vowed that hospitals are working hard to return to normal after delays caused by Storm Emma and have stated that hospitals are looking at a rescheduling plan from next week for operations which were cancelled.

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Neonatal Surgery Makes Medical Center Background – Lakeland Regional Health And Wellness

Hernia repair services are prevalent nowadays, but also for a premature newborn, the treatment is extremely specialized and also can only be carried out in medical facilities outfitted with specially trained doctors and groundbreaking technology.

Simply last month, the first neonatal surgical procedure in Lakeland Regional Wellness Medical Center background was performed on a baby birthed seven to eight weeks early. He was birthed with an inguinal hernia, fairly typical in early infants, happening in 13% of births, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. The procedure was a success and also the infant is house as well as growing.

“We are so happy to collaborate with Nemours Kid’s Health System to provide very specialized pediatric surgical care to the children, youngsters and family members in our care,” claimed Timothy J. Regan, MD, Lakeland Regional Wellness Medical Facility Head Of State and also Lakeland Regional Wellness Principal Medical Policeman. “With the Carol Jenkins Barnett Pavilion for Female and also Kid, we are able to guarantee our tiniest and also most delicate people have a bright future.”

Dr. Adela Casas-Melley, a Pediatric Surgeon and General Surgical Procedure Department Principal with Nemours Kid’s Wellness System, did the laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair service, which takes just mins to go through.

“If we had not been able to do this procedure below at Lakeland Regional Health, the child was mosting likely to have to be moved to Tampa bay or Orlando to have actually the procedure done prior to going residence,” said Dr. Casas. “It’s a difficult situation for mamas, especially with twins, so soon after delivering themselves, to have their kids in 2 various hospitals.”

While an infant is in utero, the testicles come down through an open hole to the scrotum area. In some cases, that hole does not close if an infant is birthed too soon, which is very easy to recognize by a groin-area bulge upon giving birth, particularly when the child weeps, coughs or stands. To shut this hole, a cosmetic surgeon inserts a 5-millimeter camera with the tummy switch and then inserts a needle near the hernia. The needle has the ability to get hold of the sac to rapidly shut the hernia. Leaving an inguinal rupture unrepaired increases the threat that the intestines could end up being stuck in the hernia hole, called an incarcerated hernia. This calls for instant treatment.

The surgical treatment is relatively routine, with one of the most hard part of surgery coming off of the breathing device, Dr. Casas explained. Since an early child’s lungs are often not fully developed yet, discouraging off of the anesthetic can occasionally take 24 to 2 days.

A lot of infants recover well from the surgery as well as, barring any various other problems, can go home one to two days adhering to the procedure.

Signs of an inguinal hernia:

Find out more regarding Lakeland Regional Health and wellness’s cooperation with Nemours Kid’s Wellness System.