Danbury Hospital Surgeons Removed 132-Pound Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian cyst

A team of surgeons, nurses, physicians along with OR technicians were able to eliminated a 132-pound ovarian cyst.

Surgeons from Connecticut’s Danbury Hospital found a new medical record, after removing a gigantic ovarian cyst which completely covered a female’s digestive track. The surgery, which required five hours to finish, was recognized as a success. Patient received a clean bill of health and has been permitted to return home.

Ovarian Cyst Grew in Two Months, Surgeons Declared

A week, the Danbury Hospital admitted a 38-year-old using a distended abdomen. A close examination revealed the patient had a large ovarian cyst, a benign tumor, and that completely insured her gastrointestinal tract.

Dr. Vaagn Andikyan, the physician who conducted the operation, declared the female patient was severely malnourished as the tumor made it impossible for her to lose weight. However, given the fact that the ovarian uterus weighed 130 lbs, the girl had to use a wheelchair to go around the home.

The laboratory analysis demonstrated the tumor sprouted about two months ago and continued to increase at a rate of 10 lbs per week. When the patient has been admitted, she complained of severe pain at the lower abdomen.

During a press conference, Dr. Andikyan confessed that this was the largest ovarian cyst he saw in his whole career. Before the girl was admitted to this hospital, the physician never watched tumors bigger than 25 lbs.

The patient has been rushed into the OR where Andikyan along with a team of two dozen doctors, nurses, along with OR technicians worked side-by-side to remove the large formation. Five hours into the surgery, the doctors weren’t only able to remove the gargantuan ovarian cysts but also to rebuild the girl’s abdomen and also to save the other ovary.


Based on Dr. Andikyan, the surgery was uneventful. As for the patient, the girl who chose to keep her anonymity is forecast to make a total recovery. She was discharged from the hospital a couple of days following the surgery.

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