Elite SA Staff shares that are medical latest Approaches with surgeons round the world

A South African laparoscopic surgical team in Netcare Sunward Park Hospital in Boksburg near Johannesburg recently conducted a live instruction process for your AIS Channel (Advances In operation), the biggest academic forum for most surgeons on the planet…

“Just a few select surgical teams on earth have had the honor of being asked to do such instruction procedures for your AIS Channel since its inception,” explained Jacques du Plessis, managing director of Netcare’s hospital division.

According to Du Plessis, the team was headed by highly experienced laparoscopic gastrointestinal (GI) surgeon Dr Francois Schutte, that finished his career has conducted thousands of laparoscopic hernia repair procedures of different types.

“The exceptionally intricate live-streamed main hiatus hernia repair process, which was undertaken on a 34-year-old guy from Johannesburg, revealed the latest global advances in laparoscopic procedures and was streamed online through the AIS Channel to almost 15 000 audiences in 115 countries globally,” says Du Plessis.

Held in high esteem globally

“The fact that Dr Schutte and his team were encouraged to take part within this particular highly-regarded educational initiative, which contained a thorough educational panel discussion on the surgical methods demonstratedthat highlights the high respect they’re held within the profession internationally,” he adds.

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“I believe that it also shows that our community laparoscopic surgeons remain on par with, if not before, the very finest on earth.”

Dr Schutte, that was assisted from the live-streamed process by surgical spouse, Dr Frans Badenhorst, states that the AIS Channel is one of the most influential educational forums available to laparoscopic surgeons internationally.

“We as a team were so deeply privileged if we were recently asked by AIS to take part in their educational programme,” he adds. “There are several better honours than to have the ability to impart your knowledge and skills to esteemed colleagues around the world.”

Two enlightening surgical videos have been made

The Netcare Sunward Park Surgical team has in the past compiled a additional two instructional surgical videos which have both been published over the AIS Channel, the latest being during September this season.

The surgery and interactive forum were held in Netcare Sunward Park Hospital and are well received from laparoscopic surgeons worldwide, a fantastic number of whom have expressed their admiration of its worth as a learning tool. The process and expert panel discussion could be seen at .

The laparoscopic surgical team who conducted the live instruction process at Netcare Sunward Park Hospital, for broadcasting on the AIS (Advances in Surgery) Channel. From left to right are Sr Carine Klynsmith, surgical scrub assistant; Sr Ann van Antwerpen, anaesthetic assistant; Dr Heidi Lombard, specialist anaesthetist; Dr Francois Schutte, endoscopic physician; Sr Barbara Oglesby, senior surgical wash nurse and sister Frans Badenhorst, surgical assistant and camera operator. (Picture: Frameline Film & Television)

Live surgery forum

Dr Schutte explains that a hiatus hernia is when part of the stomach pushes through the diaphragm and into the chest area, which could result in serious acid reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

He states that the idea of the live surgery forum was to explore the many methods, procedures and contentious issues surrounding main hiatus hernia repairs. The surgical interventions revealed comprised an extremely intricate laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication for the treatment of severe GERD.

“In this period of rapid progress in medical technology, I think that there is a demand for a more widespread adoption of new, more powerful and much safer nonsurgical and surgical approaches to laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication. The purpose of the live stream was supposed to impart these critical developments to our own colleagues both locally and internationally,” he concludes.

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