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Most people dream of finding a job that they truly love doing, but it’s rare for that to happen. If you want a job that you really love, then your best bet is to take a hobby and turn it into a way of making money. That could be small scale crafts, it could be sports coaching or even something like running a pub or a restaurant. My recommendation check out site online to find jobs that suited you.

I’m fortunate enough to be in a position where I am used as an example of passion and work coming together among people who know me. I am an athlete, and I do coaching and run tournaments for younger athletes. I get to be around my sport, even when I am not training, and to do a lot for the future of my sport.

Even then, burnout is something that I struggle with. Seeing the same people a lot, dealing with the politics of my sport, and having to work around injuries because it is my job – rather than resting to train for myself – make things far more “real” than they are for my more casually enthusiastic friends.

The same is true for any niche. At some point, you will want a break – and when you can’t take it because you need to do the work to pay the bills, then you’re going to have to force yourself to go into work, and that’s going to push you into a situation where you might find yourself thinking negatively, and hating your once favorite activity. It’s vital that you find ways of relaxing and unwinding that aren’t directly associated with your hobby so that you can decompress and take time away when you are feeling burned out. Even when your job is your passion, you need some work/life balance.