NDR Medical Technology Delivers smart Counseling Method for surgeons, raises Funds from SGInnovate

NDR Medical Technology is the Initial Ancient stage medtech startup to Be Given a direct investment in SGInnovate

Singapore-based medtech startup NDR Medical Technology has raised an undisclosed seed financing round from SGInnovate, which makes it the very first early stage medtech startup to receive a direct investment in the institution.

Mixing artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and computer vision for surgical processes, NDR has turned into a proprietary clever robotic steering system for operations called Automated Needle Targeting (ANT).

The system assists using AI and image processing surgeons visualise the 3D location of the target lesion from the patient’s entire body. Combined with the surgeons’ abilities and dexterity, the technology helps them achieve increased accuracy for positioning and needle alignment to objective lesions.

It promised to have a precision up to ±1mm, using an algorithms that permit the machine to use training data to continually improve accuracy. Additionally, it will complement existing imaging modalities such as CT scan, C-Arm fluoroscopy, and ultrasound.

The system has the capability to dramatically reduce surgery risks and shortens learning curves for surgeons to do complex minimally invasive surgeries, compared to invasive surgeries using conventional methods.

Patients may experience quicker recovery times and risks of side effects.

“Doctors have advised us this method can increase the effectiveness of operative procedures to improve the clinical outcomes and lives of individuals,” said SGInnovate Founding CEO Steve Leonard at a media statement.

“In addition, the inherent technology NDR has built can be implemented in other industries,” he added.

NDR is undergoing work for pilot clinical trial, together with application anticipated to launch in the first quarter of 2020.

The startup is working for CT scans and ultrasound imaging on the installation of ANT. It plans to expand using ANT to other medical programs such as orthopaedics and anaesthesia “in the not too distant future.”

E27 has achieved to the company to find out more details about their strategies with the investment.

Picture Credit: Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

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