Provo surgeon does first computer guided Operation Utilizing new

PROVO, Utah (ABC4 Utah) –  New cutting edge technology is presently being used in oral and dental surgery. Computer guided operations have been around a couple of decades, used mainly on the East Coast.     But there is a Provo doctor the first in Utah to get the equipment and perform these Kinds of surgeries.     Exactly the technique of computer directed tools are used in general or orthopedic surgeries. Now, that program is being used in your mouth.       Bob Bentley is Going to have implants, using new technologies.     Bentley, “I had any apprehension, but that I looked at it a little more and discovered what is involved and allow you to feel more comfy.”     Cameras and Instruments are attached to a computer and connected to the sufferers CT-Scan.     Gary Crawford, DDS, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, DDS “rather than looking at the individual while we are performing the operation, we are taking a look at a computer screen. It makes it possible for us to see where these instruments are going when we are doing it. I am really looking at a goal where I am supposed to place the implant based on the preparation done prior to surgery”     In regards to placing implants and your own teeth, a millimeter off can cause complications. Crawford, “we are going to do more accurate surgeries and perform procedures that prevent and prevent bone grafting.”     Dr. Crawford was apprehensive at first, but the machine established itself with greater results.     “When I first began using it, I’d go ‘this is where I’d put it’ and I’d examine the machine and it wasn’t where the system needed me to put it. I said I’m going to trust the machine also did it where the machine needed me to put it in the post-op it showed me it was exactly right about where it needed it to be.”     Bentley, “these items weren’t even dreamed about and when you went in, you hope it turns out. I hope he or she is currently going to be able to do exactly what they need to do. I really don’t have an issue. I am looking forward for it and I think It’ll Be terrific.”     Dr. Crawford and Dr. Bill McBee have completed more than 30 oral operations, Crawford 19 of them, using the newest technology.     They state this is going to be the quality of care. Patient Bob Bentley did great in his operation.

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