Trident Medical Center Observing a decade of Operation

Trident Medical Center celebrating a decade of robotic surgery

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Last year Trident Medical Center is celebrating ten decades of robotic surgeries.

Nearly surgeries are performed there, including spinal surgeries at the Lowcountry and the first lung. With the help of a new machine, surgeries are even easier.

The Da Vinci XI is the Most Recent model of the Da Vinci Surgical System. One surgeon states it helps surgeries go differing from the model by providing movement and visual capacities.

“You can move to all quadrants of the stomach without needing to detach the patient and reattach. So it saves time, it conserves anesthesia time on the patient that always helps,” said overall physician Jeffery Lafond.

Made up of several robotic arms, the Da Vinci may be used to carry out various kinds of surgeries to plenty and chemical elimination in between. It is all done through incisions which are merely a couple of shortening recovery period that was post-operation centimeters long and diminishing the need for pain medication.

Among the biggest advantages of this Da Vinci is the fact that it makes things more easy for the patient. Additionally, it makes things easier for the surgeon. They sit at a control panel, move utilizing arms, and they’re able to see everything inside of the individual.

Each arm has a different function. There are arms for catching , cutting edge, cauterizing, much more, and stitching. The machine is easy to prepare as soon as you’re trained.

You do have the choice of doing it the old-fashioned manner, if you are not very sure about robotic surgery.

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